Selection Etrusca

Whether race track curves or roastgrade curves – The emotions worth an experience Le Mans, Monza or Monte Carlo – Engines noise and speed trigger are moments of happiness. ESPRESSO SELECTION NANNINI keeps internalizing the curves and emotions of the racing circus in every cup.  A lot of temperament , which is emphasized by a full-bodied aroma without any acidity taste. A spicy and full flavor with a pleasant bitter note of grain and dried fruit revives the palate. In the cup a very dense crema.  For preparation of Cappuccino and Espresso with high-quality espresso machines, fully automatic machines and cafettiere.  Espresso Selection Nannini is happy, that the ´old´ roaster Mario, with whom everthing started, is back on  board and he already ottimized this blend. In this way his long-standing knowhow of his special and high qualified art of roasting will not be lost and will be passed on the new generation. 


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Weight 1000 g






Arabica Beans:

50% , Origin from Brazile, India, Ethiopia, Uganda.

Robusta Beans:

50%, Orgin from India, Cameroun, Vietnam.